Acqua Viva - Spa & Wellness

Acqua Viva - Spa & Wellness

Massages & treatments

Say goodbye to painfully tense muscles and knots. The highly trained wellness team will help you relax in the adjacent 4-Star-Superior-Hotel-Walther. The extensive Spa menu includes traditional full-body or partial massages, sports massages, foot reflexology, and aroma massages, foot care/pedicure, manual therapy etc. Our masseuses and masseurs will be happy to help you choose.

All treatments upon appointment and availability. We recommend requesting massage appointments when you book your room.

Spa menu overview


For body and senses – a soothing full-body massage with high-quality and natural creams, lotions, or oils.

50 minutes / CHF 130


Reduce stress symptoms naturally and effectively. Relax head, neck, shoulders, and back. Locally sourced Swiss stone pine oil calms the entire nervous system. Noticeably relieve the burdens of everyday life.

50 minutes / CHF 130

Trigger point massage

Trigger point massage involves searching for trigger points and applying targeted pressure to stimulate them. A trigger point is a localised, pressure-sensitive hardening in the tissue. A pressure pain point is preferably created in tissue that already has increased tension.

50 minutes / CHF 130

Personalised massage

A personalised treatment tailored to your actual needs and wishes. A series of specific massage techniques allow you to relieve muscle tension and joint stiffness, improve blood and lymphatic flow and rebalance the nervous system.

50 minutes / CHF 140

Back massage

The perfect massage for loosening your neck and shoulder area and relaxing your spine. Relax under flowing massage strokes. Not suitable for herniated discs.

50 minutes / CHF 120


Powerful, relaxing and soothing. Calms overexerted muscles, stimulates blood circulation and prevents muscle soreness.

25 minutes / CHF 70
50 minutes / CHF 120

Traditional massage

Relax muscles and skin with a local massage by experienced hands.

25 minutes / CHF 70
50 minutes / CHF 120

Foor care/pedicure

Well-groomed and healthy feet. Feel-good treatment that is perfect after long periods of walking and standing.

50 – 60 minutes / CHF 90

Foot reflexology massage

Relaxing and harmonizing – an extensive foot reflexology massage helps to reduce stress and supports your body’s natural healing processes. Over- or under-function of the organism are noticeably balanced. 

25 minutes / CHF 70
50 minutes / CHF 120

Additional information

  • Clothing: Bathrobes and slippers for your Spa visit are available in every room.
  • Cancellation: Reservations must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to keep your appointment. Cancellations made any later than this will be charged in full.
  • Health: Any health issues, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, metabolic disorders, allergies, pregnancy, or recent surgical procedures must be reported to the massage team prior to the start of the treatment.